Do’s and Dont’s while submitting form for entrepreneurs

Please follow these guidelines while you fill our form for submitting your idea for entrepreneurship.

  1.  Please only share an overview of the idea and the end result/service/end product that the idea will be delivering.  No need to elaborate upon the mechanism or modus operandi or the execution process through which the idea would be converted into the product. For example, if you have an idea of a new type of helmet which can avoid accidents, then do not mention the mechanism of action but rather focus on what the helmet will do like how many lives can be saved, the features of the helmet, the benefits of your product over the present one in the market, etc.  In short, never share the execution process till the final stages of negotiation.
  2. If you are sharing your business plan, then please try to make it as simple as possible without again the details of your processes of production.  Focus on the financial projections, the costs involved, and the proposed revenue including the time-frame you require to bring the product/service to the market.  Try to keep the preliminary business plan as simple as possible.
  3. Once you submit the form, a team of Ethmos experts will go through your idea and plan and would evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for your product/service in an objective manner and provide you the inputs regarding the feasibility of your plan as to whether the execution of your idea would lead to a successful entrepreneurial venture or not.  Please bear with us if you feel that we are highly pessimistic about your product because questioning everything in your plan with a critical approach is the first step to ensure that you are on the right path.  Please remember that forewarned is forearmed and our job is to forewarn you regarding the risks and benefits that you may accrue if you pursue the venture in your idea. We request you to take our inputs positively, even if you may not like what we say, and help us in helping you so that together we can help build a better world for the society.
  4. In case you have any doubts or apprehensions, please do not hesitate to mail us at [email protected] with your queries.  You can also join our social media group on Telegram to get regular updates from the world of entrepreneurship and also to interact with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, share your doubts, get advise from peers and experts, motivational videos, tips to grow your business, points to note while starting your entrepreneurial journey, and much more.