As we told, we are mentors to Bharat – we are a think-tank initiative registered as a private limited company and who are passionately into education, research, consulting, and publication.  After producing pioneering ideas like the mobile money machine (for a cashless non-corrupt economy), video recording of public offices, public audit systems, the ABC model of banking (which is presently being implemented across Bharat), receipt monitoring system, and much more, we finally entered into the education space which is plagued with commercialization in the name of charity and rampant fooling and fleecing of the general public and students/parents in particular.

We strongly believe that education should be so affordable that even the poorest of the poor can access it to fulfill his/her aspirations and contribute positively towards the GDP of the nation as well as the needs of the society.  But today’s education system focuses more on the rat races that we push our children or ourselves into like first taking science stream after boards and then running after becoming either an engineer or a doctor and finally when the realty dawns that merely being a good engineer or a doctor would not suffice to earn a throne in the social hierarchy of egos, then finally running after the shiny “sarkaari naukri” in order to become a plethora of things ranging from an IAS, IPS, to a banker or even a post office or bank clerk (if nothing else works).  No wonder that lakhs and lakhs of engineers and MBAs are now appearing for the various competitive exams for getting the ever shrinking pie of sarkaari naukris.  Add to it the media and societal hype and the British Raj era worshiping that is done to the sarkaari babus, the aura around the job just seems inescapable.

But what happens to the national economy if this rat race continues?  What is the benefit to the economy if say 20 to 30 lakh youngsters who should be working productively in the economy and contributing towards the GDP of the nation suddenly decide to become “aspirants or students” again and start chasing the sarkaari naukris at the cost of productive work?  The results would be and are disastrous for the nation.  Despite producing maximum number of engineers and MBAs, we do not have the capacity to even manufacture a mobile phone in our country.  For matters of science and technology, we are dependent on developed nations for fulfilling our needs.  It’s like having raw rice and dal in our homes and still being forced to eat in a costly restaurant just because you do not know how to cook.  How many inventions and patents have our engineers brought for India?  How many innovations in management and administration have our management course pass-outs brought into the corporate world?  If we discount the exceptions to the above question, the bitter answer is – microscopically few which tends to be equivalent to none.

It is this rat race which we wish to break.  This is our idea of “economy engineering“.  Our mission is to empower students/individuals to be the best in their areas of passion, not just their interests.  But the first thing required to break this vicious circle of rat race is to first create an alternate ecosystem wherein the blatant commercialization of education in the coaching factories and college factories need to be countered.  And hence started the initiative to create a mentoring platform wherein students can prepare, learn, study, and practice on their own under the expert guidance of Ethmos Mentors in order to be a part of the rat race of competitive exams.  But then what is the difference between us and others whom we are criticizing?  The difference is that the system which we are criticizing emphasizes on the sarkaari naukri as the whole and sole criteria for a making a fulfilled life.

For us, the sarkaari naukri is just like any other job which any serious candidate can clear with the right guidance (just guidance and not the classroom spoon feeding).