The ETHMOS pedagogy is based on the scientific and time tested principle that quality of study precedes the quantity of study and that if a targeted study of specific concepts tested in any particular exam are practiced and internalized, then the amount and effort to study is reduced  to a huge extent which can go as much as 70%.  This is also the pedagogic techniques followed in world renowned study methods like the Kumon’s method for learning mathematics and scientific concepts.  This is also the methodology followed by renowned training academies in the world including the defence and civil services.

Hence, in order to fulfill our duties as a responsible and top notch mentoring platform, we have developed and honed these methods for our students and institutional clients. 

We invest extensively in researching the exam pattern and study techniques required to master the concepts in these patterns and then develop our content, especially the short tests that we call the ETHMOS Challenge Tests (ECTs).  The ECTs are developed keeping in mind the pattern and structure of the concerned exam in the previous years and to provide exhaustive practice to the students in cracking the various types of problems they will be encountering. 

It is a fact that any exam can be cleared through self study and hard work.  But our job is to ensure that your work in compilation of study content, examining the pattern of the tests, and preparing a strategy to achieve the exam goals in the shortest possible time with optimum effort (without any waste of precious hard work by students) is fulfilled.

In order to make the best use of ETHMOS mentoring guidance, please take care of these points:-

1.  Check your mail and messages regularly. We will be sending you the updates on new content and practice / mock tests on that.  Since the volume of students is humungous, it may not be possible for us to call each student individually. Partner institutions are requested to extend their support in passing on our message to the students.
2.  The tests are designed by experts in their own fields and are moulded in such a way that the major areas where candidates err are tested.  Hence, it is natural that the paper will be of a tough level and sometimes a notch up than the exams you are practicing.  Consider the tests as a trainer from whom you have to learn and not as a competitor from whom you should get disheartened and lose confidence.  Some of our high rankers were the ones who dared absimally low in their tests but keep on hitting harder till they mastered the tests.
3. Go through the study material that we provide very meticulously.  The material is prepared after extensive research of the question patterns and is prepared to make you understand the focus areas in your preparation.  The material is provided both in the form of study notes as well as videos.  But it is advised to make notes of your out of it as per your understanding, at least of the points which you feel will require revision.
4.  And coming to revision – please remember that revision is the key to succeed in competitive exams like the UPSC.  Consider revision as a practice of filling a pot with a leakage periodically so as to keep the pot filled.  The pot is your brain which loses data within hours of putting inside it. Ideally the revision is done using the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve.  That is first revision should be done at least within 24 hours of the study.  The next one should be after 48 hours, the third one after another 2 days followed by one after 6 days and the final one after 15 days.  This will ensure that whatever you learnt stays in your brain for easy recall and the hard work that you did in filling your brain with the information is not wasted.
5.  Last but not the least.  Do not sleep with a doubt in head.  Because the next day, you will not remember the doubt.  As soon as you get a doubt, send us a message or a mail of the same so that it is recorded with us at least and we can provide you a solution within 24 hours.  The process of clearing your doubts will ultimately result in your concepts becoming rock solid and able to clear the exams without much a headache.

We will not wish you the best of luck but the best of preparation because ultimately luck favours the prepared.

Jai Hind.