The Ethmos Math Boot Camp – Primer to the Gyanarth Programme

For those parents who are still stuck in the Stone Age of schools and tuitions, it would be better to click here and check out what the Gyanarth Programme is!!

As a primer to our Gyanarth programme, we are launching our 1-month Ethmos Math Boot Camp for students who think they are weak in Maths or have the Math Phobia! Now no more. Maths will no longer be able to scare you out. In fact, Maths will become one of your best scoring subjects and your friend for life!

The programme focuses on building the foundations of Mathematics for children in the age groups of 11 to 15 (classes VI to X) by teaching them practical concepts of maths in a manner that helps them not just learn but discover the concepts.

Those who want to join can fill the form below and those who want to know more can call or Whatsapp us on 9265333472 or 9724007744. The programme commences in the first week of April.