Apart from mentoring and training young minds, we are also a powerful and robust COMMUNITY-POWERED MENTORING PLATFORM.  What this means is that any passionate educator or mentor can join us and create their programmes on our platform and provide guidance to students.

If you are one among the breed of passionate mentors and trainers who would like to get recognized for your talents, gain the name and fame you have always been looking for, believe that you have the power to change and mould young minds, and have the conviction that you have the deep power within you to change the shape of this great nation and the world at large – then join us in this mission of changing the face and nature of education – making education not just accessible but entertaining and fun for the students.

We promise to give you not justthe recognition but some handsome monetary rewards which are not just one ofthe best in the industry but are path-changing even for the world.  For example, one of our compensatory methodis through royalties.  If the course thatyou created is awesome and we use them in our programmes like Prarambh orGyanarath or any other mentoring programme, then you will receive a royalty shareover the course fees generated by the company till the time your courses areincluded in our programme. 

INTERESTED IN BEING A MENTOR WITH US? Click here or just mail your resume to us with the subject line“Ethmos Mentors Programme” at [email protected] OR call / Whatsapp on 9265333472.