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has been started by people who live & breathe education.  It is started with the motto – “Democratizing Education.”

Ethmos Institute was informally started around 3 years back when a group of public servants decided to give back to society what they had received.  They started giving free guidance and mentoring sessions to students belonging to economically weaker sections of the society free of cost.  The guidance and mentoring provided by them fructified and the students who had never got a chance to attend a good school or college in their lives started clearing national level competitive exams like that of Banking, Insurance, and Public Service Commission.  Of course, the dedication and hard-work of the students was the prime factor behind their success and we were acting just like a catalyst.

Now after 3 years, one of the public servants, Mr. Ranjit Menon, decided to leave his cushy job at the bank and serve the nation by providing mentoring and training to students who are willing to go the uncharted paths beyond engineering and medicine.

The basic idea behind this is to create a pool of talented individuals who will contribute significantly higher to the national GDP than an average untrained individual.  And this can only happen when the person doing the work is really passionate about his work and loves his work.  And again this can only happen when the person had a chance during his/her formative years to undergo what we call as “field testing” of various professions from which s/he can chose the one s/he loves or is interested in.  This concept can be called as Economic Engineering through which we intend to change the landscape of human capital of our country and ensure that every person does what he is best at rather than following the herd.

So, if you are willing to join us in the journey, you are most welcome and we sincerely hope you leave us feeling enriched and rejuvenated with new knowledge and powerful learning tools.

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